Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school teacher in Miami is planning a field trip for her 30 students to visit local colleges and universities in the area. She arranges for a charter bus rental for the day to transport the students between campuses. The bus rental costs $350 per hour and she estimates they will need the bus for 8 hours to visit the various schools. That comes out to $2,800 for the day. The schools they plan to visit include the University of Miami, Florida International University, Barry University, and Johnson & Wales University. At each campus they will meet with admissions counselors and current students, receive information packets about the schools, and take student-led tours of the facilities. The charter bus allows easy transit between each location. To make sure campus tours run smoothly, the teacher tips each student tour guide $20 at the end of their presentation as a gesture of appreciation for taking time out of their day to show the middle schoolers around. With 4 tour guide tips budgeted in, that adds an extra $80 to cover tips. The total cost for the Miami area campus and college tour field trip comes out to $2,880. The school covered all expenses including the bus rental and tour guide tips. It turned out to be an informative and eye-opening experience for the 30 middle school students to get an inside look at local university options.

Example #2:

A large corporation based in Miami wants to host an annual company outing for 150 employees as a fun way to boost morale and strengthen relationships between colleagues outside of the office setting. They decide to book a party bus in Miami to transport everyone to a full day of team building activities, including go kart racing, escape rooms, and an evening dinner cruise along the waterfront. To accommodate the large group, they book two 30-passenger party buses for the full day, charging $350 per hour per bus from 9am to 9pm, totaling $5,600. The all-inclusive rate covers the buses, driver tips, and onboard amenities like a sound system, neon lights, leather seats, and complimentary beverages. As an added bonus, the party bus company offers professional event coordinators to plan custom icebreaker games and team challenges throughout the day to facilitate bonding. With the convenience of direct transportation between activities and a fun atmosphere onboard the buses, the company outing is a huge success. The party bus rental ends up costing around $37 per person for the experience, which employees feel is money well spent for a memorable day of team building and camaraderie.

Example #3:

The Miami Dolphins are heading to Tampa Bay for an away game against the Buccaneers. The equipment managers realize that driving separate vehicles will be inefficient, so they decide to rent a charter bus. They book a 56-passenger coach bus with leather seats, TVs, WiFi, and enough cargo space for all the team’s heavy gear. The bus rental company quotes them $250 per hour for the coach bus. The managers need the bus for 12 hours – 6 hours driving round trip, plus time before and after the game for loading/unloading. At $250 per hour, their total comes out to $3,000. With 50 people riding the bus, plus the driver, the cost per person is only $58. The equipment managers feel this is very reasonable to transport the team safely and efficiently. They tip the driver 10% ($300) at the end of the trip for providing excellent service on the long drive. The total cost comes out to $3,300, which fits nicely into the Miami Dolphins travel budget.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from New York decide to take a quick weekend getaway to Miami for some fun in the sun. They contact a local Miami party bus company to arrange transportation for their day of bar hopping and sightseeing. The company provides a quote for a 14-passenger party bus for 8 hours, from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, at a rate of $350 per hour plus taxes and fees. This comes out to $2,940 for the base rate. They also require a 20% deposit upfront to secure the booking. The custom itinerary allows pickup at their South Beach hotel, stops at popular bars and clubs on Ocean Drive, lunch at a beachside restaurant, an afternoon relaxing at Lummus Park beach, and drops offs at their dinner reservation and final bars for the night. With taxes, fees and the driver’s tip, the total for their Miami party bus ends up being right around $3,500. Split 10 ways, it comes out to $350 per person – not bad considering the luxury transportation, freedom to drink responsibly, and special access to the hottest spots.

Example #5:

A bride and groom in Miami this spring. They expect about 150 guests, many of whom will be flying in from out of town. To handle transportation for the weekend events, they book a charter bus rental. On Friday, they rent a 56-passenger coach bus for the welcome dinner. The bus picks up guests from their hotels and brings them to the restaurant from 6-11pm. The 5 hour rental costs $1,200. On Saturday, the wedding day, they splurge on a luxury coach bus with leather seats and champagne service. This shuttles the bridesmaids and groomsmen between the hotel, hair/makeup appointments, and the ceremony venue from 9am-2pm. The 5 hour luxury charter rental is $1,500. After the ceremony, while the couple takes photos, guests ride another 56-passenger coach bus to the reception at a cost of $600 for a 2 hour rental. On Sunday, the couple rents a 28-passenger minibus to take the wedding party on a tour of Miami. The 8 hour sightseeing rental is $2,000. With the multiple coach bus rentals for the various weekend events, the total cost comes to $5,300. The couple tips each driver 10%, adding another $530. Altogether, their Miami charter bus rentals for their destination wedding cost $5,830.

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